Convey Xpress Telescopic Conveyors

Welcome to the next step in logistical efficiency and reliability—introducing the Convey Xpress range of telescopic conveyors. At Storak Handling, we are proud to launch this innovative series tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the UK and European logistics industry. Designed with precision and catering to high-demand environments, the Convey Xpress is your gateway to optimized operations and enhanced workflow.

Product Overview

The Convey Xpress telescopic conveyors embody our philosophy of “back to basics”. By stripping away unnecessary features, we focus on what truly matters—affordable reliability and straightforward functionality. These conveyors are ideal for facilities that require robust, scalable solutions without the complexity and overhead of additional features.

Features and Benefits

Versatile Extension Options: Ranging from 7 meters to 21 meters, the Convey Xpress conveyors are designed to fit various cargo handling operations, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability.
High-Quality Components: Each conveyor is equipped with industry-leading Nord drive units and Schneider inverters, ensuring seamless operation and long-term reliability.
Health & Safety Compliance: Fully compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations and CE certified, the Convey Xpress conveyors prioritize your team’s safety without compromising performance.
Maintenance Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive support package, including readily available spares, detailed servicing, and maintenance guidelines designed to ensure trouble-free operation.


  • Extension Length Options: 7m, 8.5m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 19m, 21m
  • Drive Units: Nord drive components for unmatched durability and efficiency
  • Speed Control System: Schneider inverters for precise speed control
  • Compliance: CE marked, adheres to strict health and safety standards

Ideal Use Cases

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: Streamline your goods handling with adaptable extension lengths that cater to various warehouse sizes and product volumes.
Freight Handling: Enhance loading and unloading efficiency in freight operations with conveyors that adjust to different truck sizes and cargo types.
E-commerce Fulfillment: Keep up with the rapid pace of e-commerce by integrating conveyors that optimize package sorting and movement.

Why Choose Convey Xpress?

Selecting Convey Xpress means investing in a solution that combines efficiency with simplicity. Our focus on essential features and top-tier components results in a cost-effective product that delivers performance without the frills. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing systems or integrate new solutions, the Convey Xpress range offers the flexibility and reliability your operations need.

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For more information on the Convey Xpress telescopic conveyors or to request a quote, please contact our sales team. Let us help you enhance your material handling processes with solutions that push the boundaries of reliability and efficiency.

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Convey Xpress Telescopic Conveyor Storak

Convey Xpress Telescopic Conveyors in action!

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