We are excited to unveil our latest innovation in material handling solutions – the new range of Stainless Steel Roller Conveyors! Designed with meticulous attention to durability and functionality, these conveyors are a perfect fit for our modular design philosophy, ensuring they integrate seamlessly into any industrial environment.

Durability Meets Design

Our new conveyors boast a robust stainless steel construction, making them not only durable but also resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. This makes them an ideal choice for industries where hygiene and longevity are paramount, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Efficiency at Its Core

With options for both 24-volt driven and non-driven systems, these conveyors offer efficiency without compromising on reliability. The driven conveyors provide smooth, consistent movement of goods, perfect for high-volume environments, while our non-driven models offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness for lighter operations.

Modularity for Customization

True to our commitment to flexibility, these stainless steel roller conveyors feature a modular design. This allows for easy configuration and expansion, adapting as your business grows or as your operational needs change. The modularity also simplifies maintenance and upgrades, saving you time and money.

Stable and Mobile

Each unit is supported by a sturdy frame that ensures stability under load, yet is designed for mobility. This dual capability allows for the conveyors to be relocated within your facility as needed, providing ultimate versatility.

Accessorize Your Operations

To meet the unique demands of your operations, we offer a range of accessories. Whether you need side guides to prevent product spillage, transfer plates for smooth transitions, or custom stands for specific heights, our accessories enhance functionality and improve operational efficiency.

Embrace the future of material handling with Storak Handling’s Stainless Steel Roller Conveyors—where durability, efficiency, and flexibility converge to streamline your operations. Contact us today to find out how our new conveyors can be integrated into your workflow for improved productivity and reliability.